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The times are a-changing at nanospeed these days, if not faster. You run out of breath just trying to catch up with these changes. But some things don't change. And they must not. These are the values that guide our lives, our businesses and our perspective on the future.

People First & Last

For nearly 40 years now, we at Shriram Chits have been growing at a fast pace. But we have kept the faith with our business philosophy and business practices. With unwavering commitment. Service to the common people [aam aadmi] has always guided the choice of businesses the Shriram Group undertake. Being of use to the largest number of people at the lowest transaction cost to the customer. That is our mission and the reason for our existence and our legendary success.

Inclusive Growth at the Grassroots

"Inclusive Growth" is a much abused jargon these days. But, for us it is the air that we breathe. The Iynchpin of our whole enterprise. Ensuring that economic and social benefits accrue to every section of the communities we choose to serve across the nation. Through our interventions, we create a wide spectrum of opportunities for people to earn a living and increase their incomes now and over time. All our employees and our agents are chosen and trained from among the people we serve. Imbuing our enterprise with a deep understanding of the vision of our customers - and working in sync with their strategies for their own welfare. No matter how poor or rich. No matter how big or small their ambition. No matter their level of literacy. The Common people remain the main focus and beneficiaries of all our enterprises. Be it General or Life Insurance, Consumer or Personal Loans, or any other financial services and products on offer from the Shriram Group. That is inclusive growth at the grassroots.

Small is Beautiful, Always.

Our business philosophy is designed to help people protect themselves against a temporary or permanent loss of livelihood. providing them a reasonable safety net and economic support, as they go through life's ups and downs. That's why we popularise Chit Schemes involving a monthly instalment of as little as Rs.250.So that even the poorest among us feels enthused and empowered to save and to borrow safely. The same principle applies to our enabling credit access to tiny businesses, matching their capabilities and empowering their spirit of enterprise. For instance, our Enterprise Funding is for small amounts, with an average disbursement of Rs.2 lakhs.

With You, Every Step of the Way.

No wonder, Shriram Chits have grown to be the Numero Uno in the Chit Funds industry. Propagating the message of small savings and responsible money management. Creating immense social capital. That ultimately defines our bottomline. Empowering over 40 lakh families through prosperity. Disbursing over Rs.50,000 crores to chit Subscribers and Small/Medium Enterprises. Through 700 Branches. Served by 80,000 agents and 12,000 employees, dedicated to your financial success and wellbeing. Come, rediscover the fine art of money management. However small your saving. However big your dreams. We have an appropriate solution and financial instrument for you. Every step of your auspicious journey through life.


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