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Introduction to E-NACH:

ENACH is introduced to make payments on monthly basis in an easy way.



  1. There is no need for a manual process in this case.

  2. It is easier and faster than NACH.

  3. There is no need to keep tracking of due date.

  4. This is a facility by which due is deducted by bank at Pre-decided date & remitted to Shriram Chits.


How to Register E-NACH / Steps for Registration:

  1. Click ENACH Registration menu.

  2. Enter Customer information like Branch, Group, Ticket and Mobile number.

  3. Registration is Separate for each ticket.

  4. Enter valid OTP to validate customer data.

  5. The following information to be updated in next step:

    • Customer bank account number, IFSC, bank branch in which account to be deducted for due payment.

    • Due amount must be a maximum installment amount (It may vary subject to dividend earned per installment)

    • Due date may be pre-decided by the customer (based on selection of day, due will be debited in customer bank)

    • Mode of authentication it may vary subject to customer’s bank.

  6. By completion of the above information this will be redirected to customer bank by our sponser bank HDFC through NPCI..

  7. After completion of authentication UMRN number will be generated and redirected to Shriram Chits Web page.

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